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I went to Beuty and the Beast at the theatre last night....girlfriend had a great Coach bag her husband got from Holt in Edmonton.
agreed...head to Holt
Exactly! When you buy it, decide when you will trade it and then do so! If expectations aren't met, dump it.
I agree...we are not using it in that fashion...just to make money and day trade.
If you are picking random stocks without any backing, then yes.. I guess it's like a casino, but if you are investing in the stockmarket most people are not picking at random, there are news releases, construction, funding, government grants ect....that are all considered in an individual stock. In the casino you just hope like hell....for an ace. Most people here are shuffling large amounts of money and are doing their research, not to say it somtimes changes ect.... but...
Hi there! My Dad and I do... he's watching some great ones and has made alot of money lately....but we also invest with a lot.
Congrats I was horribly severly sick with both of my girls for at least 5 mths of each pg.. it was horrible! I couldn't even stay in the same room if DH started to channel surf...I got what felt like being car sick. I was prescribed Diclectin for both of my pg's. Mine was awful, the Diclectin made it bearable, but didn't take it completyle away..I don't think anything does. Hang in there!
It's great to have a good job and an education...but it really doesn't do you a lot of good for the years you stay at home. Each have to be stable of course and financially responsible.... but when staying home to raise children ( if that's the choice you make) financially falls more on the husband at least for those years.
Uggg... it kind of sounds simuliar to what I suggested in your first post....she was tired of waiting for what she wanted. I don't think she's being conditional at all... in order to start a marriage there has to be some solid ground. Yeah, if you love each other.. you think that is all it will take, a lot of great couples have divorced still loving each other. I don't blame her for wanting a financially secure marriage and stability. I wouldn't settle for anything less....
I think you need to tell her that your ducks in fact are in a row, maybe she just needs to know that it is happening, not that she's waiting for it to happen. Good Luck.
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