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what are the ones in the AntMoney pic on the last page?
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke Day 2 are those diors? and are they black or indigo?
^ If you want a boat shoe, definitely go for the sperry. It's the boat shoe that all others are judged and based from. I've been wanting a boat shoe all summer - i should have bought some, but now i feel like it's too late in the season...hmmmm PS...the sperry/BoO are awesome too - but mostly gone now.
^ I agree that an all black shoe (like the Lanvins posted) looks silly with a bright white sole like it has. However, a black chuck looks fine with it's white sole - possibly because it's etched into everyone's mind that it looks 'classic' and simple.
^Are you kidding? Those look nothing like chucks! The only similarity is that they both share a toe cap. You're acting like a white sole is such an odd thing. Or a characteristic converse style. Not even chucks have a plain white sole though - they have the line going straight through. Not much of a comparison at all IMO. Moreover, cons are canvas!
^ Yes
^ I like...what are they? I wouldn't wear something with a shiny gold toe like those (i would appreciate a more subtle toe cap), but i still like them and would like to see more colorways
^ a couple of those looks like straight up RO
^ Well i don't want the carpe diem...more so i guess just seeing if anyone knows of any online (or at stores) that are of this general style - a rougher/beat up leather with or without laces. Even though $1K, they're sick boots
is jude wearing a suede boot here? I want a pair of boots that i can beat up (or come beat up) like this. Just a great pair to kick around in. Would like to not break bank. Anyone know of pairs like this?
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