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where can i find the wings and horns? as well as some of the others you mentioned
I've been looking for a boot like Jude's (in the pic below) for a while. They look perfect. I have a couple that i've found that look similar. Let me know what you think. I want a pair that i'll be able to beat up and wear as an everyday casual boot Buttero Work Boot - i like, but it's "distressed suede". Don't like that it's a suede, but from the Barney's pic it looks like an oiled almost leather like suede. Good? These are John Varvatos - they have them at...
i had 21cm, ended up selling them for APC New Standard...the new standards haven't stretched as much as i would like, but i do love the jeans.
I just put up 2 of my medium BoO in the mall
Guys, i do have 2-3 shirts in medium that i'm going to have to sell....2 are brand new - never worn them (but i've gone beyond the 14 day merchandise credit that the store gives)...so i'm going to take a loss on them...if you're interested let me know
Checking for opinions. I think i need to size down from Medium to Small in BoO. However, the small is a bit snug and restrictive. Here is me in a medium. What do you think? Just a little too big? With BoO you're paying for the cut, and if medium isn't right, then i need to sell my stash.
^ If it was a full length chelsea then i'd like it...but it looks like a bizarre cut off boot...what site are they $90 on (maybe they have other ted boots that i can check out =) )
^ I think those look too skinny on you. Are they 19cm? Go for 21cm. I think they'd look better on your body type
Is there any advantage in using proxy NY seller from sufu? His prices aren't any cheaper than if i just call up Dior right? Also wondering, does he have access to some items that are now gone from retail Dior - i.e: UMC, dust wash, etc? Seems like a great seller, but just wondering if i need his services
guys...i want to pick up 2 pairs of Dior and i don't wear black. What are 2 pairs that i can actually buy either in store or online that are a MUST. Is dust wash available at Dior boutiques? I've had ZERO luck in grabbing anything off sufu so i've given up there. And i don't mind paying retail (although i wouldn't mind paying less) So if you had to pick the 2 best must have Diors (that are available) what would you get
New Posts  All Forums: