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yeah, i'm not paying 2K for boots....W+H are in my range
(i put this here since it's more of a discussion rather than a quick comment for the shoes/boots thread) I just got off the phone with the Wings and Horns show room - who distribute W+H for the US. They said that there will be no W+H boots made in brown. They said a small batch was made as a trial run, but brown was "too expensive to produce". So it's only black. Which is why i haven't been able to find brown. So the questions: 1) Should i buy the W+H service boot...
^ i had those boots (you can see some of my pics if you search under my name). Where did you find them? Mine were from several seasons ago! I sold them because they were a tad tight. They were technically brown, but looked greyish under most light
read above post
Guys, i need some help. I have called every wings + horns stockist in US and Canada (from the list on the W+H website) and can not find a brown boot. Does W+H actually make a brown boot? Anyone have any help? I'm dyin to pick these up! oh, and the above jeans are dust wash
^ Really? Club Monaco's that cheap? How's the quality?
Man, i was in China a couple of years ago and got a custom made suit - $300. Top quality and cut slim to my tastes (i literally brought in a picture and showed them how slim i wanted - since most men wear rather bulky suits). Anyway, it turned out great, but i've lost weight since - so now it's not quite right. Wondering - any reputable websites that make made-to-measure and ship from China?
^Where can i find those boots?!
^ Thank you, bro. Will be calling today =)
^ Yeah, i've found a handful of places to get W+H, but never in black...i'm starting to think they don't exist in brown...i've never seen them in brown at least
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