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Those boots are awesome! Very much a W+H style! Never heard of that brand though...and at $325, they're not cheap cheap - so i would want something decent
Jskidder, can you post pics of your CP's with the suede (the german army trainer inspired ones). I have the reg. german army trainers now - but they're getting old. Would love to see how your jeans sit on or cover the CP's in that mid/high-top. Do you let the jean sit on top - or do you bring it over the first few laces? pics would be golden.
Kubie, are those 'dirty' dark grey shoes you posted on this page common projects?
^ Those are awesome...i love the lows...i wish they were just plain white though! - not off white
I actually like it...i have a triple five soul that's similar to it. It would annoy me to that it's Juicy
for jskid...just put on Barney's today: Classic Pull On Boot at Barneys New York
jskid...what are you're thoughts on black 'work boots'? should i just find brown in a different brand - or go with black W+H?
^ wait, you want to protect the heel of the shoes from getting indigo bleed?
^ Yeah, i got ya. Can you post some new pics of your W+H boots worn? Possibly worn with some raws? I wanna see how jeans sit with the laces. I'd have to buy these sight unseen (just pics) so i'd like to really see what they're like worn. (i know you have a pic up from when you first got them - but some new pics would be awesome).
can you clarify what you mean about the Augustas Barney's has? There's no way it's a wooden sole. It's gotta be a leather - so it can be resoled at a shoe repair.
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