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years ago i wanted low rise jeans but couldn't find anything low enough...then i found premium jeans like diesel that made cuts that had a low rise...
i just picked up the 71B last night from someone on this forum - should be here by friday!
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder yup. i've been plugging these in several threads so i may post a pic of me wearing mine in a few... yeah, if you could post a pic of you wearing it that would be great! It's hard to get a feel for them from the pics online
Hey guys... i've been wearing exclusively the Zathan for some time now, but was wondering what else has a similar cut? I think i mainly like the Zathan because of the low-rise. so what else do you Zathan wearers like?
i guess i'm looking more for a casual jacket - but again, i'm open to anything so one that fits both purposes works too! thanks in advance =)
I'm in the chicagoland area (cold winters) and looking for a trendy winter coat. I not looking for any style in particular so i'm pretty open to everything Any suggestions would be great.
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