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Yeah, those Rokin boots are pretty badass (despite probably being rather 'cheap'). Now the question - can they be had in brown. If i can find them, i'm kopin ASAP.
^ a poor example of trying to emulate the german army trainer
^Where can i kop the lowtops? and where are the pics from?
and what's the site
F/W 08? Are you sure? I thought they were a few seasons ago? Might be mistaken
what year/season are those german army trainer inspired Common Projects from?
avatar - what type of coat are you looking for? I said no way to it for multiple reasons - but what kind of functionality? Just a fall coat?
^the only thread i've seen on sufu is the "shoes that look better with age" thread - and most of those boots are terrible. is there another thread that i'm missing?
^ Yeah, i have that concern as well. How many items have we ALL bought that we don't like 2 years later? I'm thinking - my Diesel collection of Zathans (can't remember the last time i wore a bootcut). And of course, the thought at the time was, "Bootcuts have always been in style". While one may argue that they are still 'in style' they're definitely not what i'm wearing these days. The same goes for boots, i bought a pair a year ago that i thought were the coolest...
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