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i got the plum end shirt - badass shit. must find and cop one of the double pocket BoO shirts - haven't seen them anywhere yet though
nay on the coat....i feel like the whole pea coat style for men is cliché
^ I do like jack spade BUT...if you're looking for a bag like that, why not get something leather?
Kubie, where did u get the carpe diem boots?
anywhere in chicago that sells the W+H hoodies?
^ They look A LOT like premiata boots. However, premiatas look too dressy. I love that these have that worn look. I strongly agree with the others - and i know you're a bigger dude - but try some straighter cuts! You can definitely pull off viker!
kialos elinas! Roussakis, eyo eho 31X32. Tha ta valo sto eBay ala ta eho foresi - den einai kenouria...einai se kalo condition
Quote: Originally Posted by A Clockwork Orange lets fight @ barneys over BoO XS shirts. Yeah, i was gonna say - you wouldn't expect a store like Barneys to mark up prices - but they do! I love shopping there, but as far as BoO goes, i buy elsewhere
^ Please say you were just kidding
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac ** Levis ** 71B ** Firetrap what are the boots? Firetrap is the brand? Are they online anywhere? Quick google search didn't yield much
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