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In my explanation i was referring to (in bluntest terms), the 'bottom of the shoe' (the part that touches the floor). Most simply you can tell if a sole is removeable by looking at the stitching on the bottom of the shoe. Is there true stitching? Then, you can see if that stitching goes all the way through to the inside of the shoe (not preferred), or is it stitched to a barrier that is between the sole and the leather upper. My style-lab and MOMA boots are stitched...
Rubber soles are cheap - that is why cheap shoes come with rubber soles. A well made and/or hand crafted shoe will always come with a REMOVEABLE leather sole. That leather sole is stitched on. When the sole wears down, your shoe maker can quite simply remove this sole and put on a new high quality sole (runs around $40 depending on what you want). Then, with the heel (which is what i think you're referring to about the nails), the heel which is usually rubber, will...
Quote: Originally Posted by Egotist Anyone know of a good show repair in Chicago? I just bought some Augusta lace ups (black, just for Ross) and I'm thinking about putting vibram soles on them. Best shoe repair in the state is John's Shoe Repair in Wheaton (about 35 min from Chicago). I would never trust my shoes to any other shoe repair. However, you can not put a nasty rubber Vibram sole on such an amazing shoe. In fact, i'm pretty...
yay or nay BoO oxford in tan
^ Yeah pretty much - and it's tailored to your measurements, so it should fit better Not sure if I'd call them fakes (because they're not branding them) but they are copying the design - and they're proud at how well they can copy - soooooo, it's up to you to decide what you think of that
come on - the oceanside sweatshirt? they look like those $10 sweatshirts people buy from a souvenir shop while on vacation why would geller make something like that? what's the appeal?
Quote: Originally Posted by ttrshoot eeeeeek fuck. im in the market for sneakers now, i just wish i could find a size 44 cp. i have the one's james posted in a size 44 (brand new in box never worn) COMMON PROJECTS Achilles Suede Mid Top in Army Green at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Let me know if you want to buy them.
I was talking about Wellies =)
"when it comes to duck boots"....you don't buy any. If you want function, but HUNTER Wellington boots. I'm going to buy some before the snow starts to kick in
are the eyeglasses prescription?
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