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Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Who Are You The Terminator? hahahahha....i'm watching T3 right now, and was about to say the same thing!
Here's your intended question: Hey guys, i'm looking for a hat other than baseball cap - what do you recommend? However, you wrote a bizarre stream of conscious paragraph that made no sense
^^^FUUUUCK THOSE ARE AWESOME - in my 6 month search for them, i haven't been able to find them in brown leather! Just suede! where to cop?!
Quote: Originally Posted by sandman Accessories - Hats Energie Men on Energie Online Store Diesel Online Store Men's Accessories GP-CAP-PATCH - Autumn Winter - Diesel Accessories - Official Online Store you're joking right?
here ya go - not by any means my favorites, but something to give you an idea. TRIPLE FIVE SOUL Crazy Print Fidel in Olive at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! UrbanOutfitters.com > Diesel Wooker Hat
this post is rediculous - actually, the poster more than the post. What the hell does wearing a jacket have to do with doing your hair. Get a haircut that allows minimal work. I have 'longer' hair which required me to do absolutely nothing to it - it just falls into place (and i have a professional job, so it's by no means sloppy). Or cut your hair shorter. The only acceptable hat i can think of is a military inspired hat - and even that, i feel a bit silly wearing
i wonder if the bed stu would be close if i put leather laces in them? i am willing to spend quite a bit more than the bed stu, but i'm just out for something as close as possible
^Man, those boots egotist posted, i too have been looking for something VERY close for MONTHS upon MONTHS - in brown. Have not been able to find anything. Please, if you can help find a cheaper version i'd love to know.
^ Premiata is top quality - that toe box is way too pointy for me
^ where are you looking to buy them from? quality is decent - i LOVE how some of their boots look. Definitely a re-soleable product
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