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Quote: Originally Posted by anthony Theres something really up with those boots... I think Skelletor03 nailed it. @ Sfam, I looked at those, but the metal eyelets on lace ups klled it for me, I ended up buying the Grensons which grensons did you buy...link it!
no no no sorry man....PS made or makes a plain white shoe - would like good for summer
after i posted that i thought about the Ann D laces - works on the Ann - not the Diesel IMHO
^ sneaker laces on a boot? wtf?
Quote: Originally Posted by captplanet24 lookin' for some new shoes. i have big feet. thoughts? Amazon.com: Mark Nason Garrick Crackled Leather Boot: Shoes Amazon.com: Hugo Boss Baldo Distressed Oxford: Shoes pretty new to the shoe game, all i know is that i need something in 13. no way....you're lucky you're 13....here you go (and don't post mark nason man) buy these now N.D.C. MADE BY HAND Men - Footwear - Ankle boots N.D.C. MADE...
This is what i want, but can't spend $1800 on boots This is what i picked up, and am looking for your opinions. What do you think of this boot? Giorgio Brato Reversed Calf Leather. My only qualm is that they are VERY round toe - the third photo of them accurately depicts the roundness.
^ I bought one like that by Ralph Lauren (with no symbol on it) for less than $80. Seriously, just go to the ralph lauren section in a department store to get one inexpensively
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Sun, I grabbed the first example i saw which was around the same style and price range ($210-$300). I thought it would have been to pretentious to post CCP's or Augusta's. HaHaHa. GCR, Sunman definitely knows his high end shoes maybe he can help you find exactly what your looking for. I know i've taken some of his tips to help me find boots/shoes that ive been searching for. I hear ya - they do have a...
i hated reading that you wanted him to look at the leather sole on the Officine Creative - truly the worst leather sole i have ever seen. As i mentioned many pages back, i spent years working in a shoe repair as a kid, and the OC have shit soles - which is why i returned mine (and since i really wanted brown but could only fine black). In any case, that's a sole that i would have replaced even when new. The tims too can be resoled - just as easily in fact! Most...
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