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Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous hm where did you get these ? I'm wondering the same - I NEED a pair of these in a size 28. What size did you get? ps. they look HOOOOT.
Quote: Originally Posted by 345HFS mm sorry for kind of OOT here . ., 2 weeks ago i saw viker 71j in singapore's diesel store with goldish/brownish/yellowish kind of seahorse (????) it's singapore version maybe, LOL anyway, i checked through their entire stock of viker 71j and they're all like that (note: i'm checking just to see whether their viker 71j on the display model isn't the only one w/ yellow seahorse on the backpocket). TOO BAD I DON't BRING MY...
The album leaked, just got it through Derek (blakhart) - thanks buddy! It's definitely worth checking out - already I like it so much more than Late Registration, but it doesn't come close to College Dropout. For those of you who are fans, and even those of you who aren't but enjoy the occasional hiphop/rap, you must listen to the following tracks from the album: Good Morning Champion Big Brother I can't get enough of Big Brother. This track is h-h-h-h-h-h-hot! Any...
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder sneakers, yes. gym shoes, no way. there is no situation in which anyone should EVER wear a pair of running/athletic shoes with jeans. none. it is an abomination. the man makes a good statement. I totally agree, I hate the gym shoes + denim look. As for both pairs above, personally for me the inseam length would totally bother me. Try the wet stretch method... even then I don't know how much it can save...
I am very meticulous about my jeans too, jackie. If that happened to me I would be absolutely choked at DoM.
Quote: Originally Posted by jlpubarch Well, if the weather where you are is anything like it is where I am, I'd be busting out some shorts... I never skate in shorts. I know the heat wave can be extremely unbearable at times, even here in Vancouver, but I can't bring myself to expose so much of my legs when skating at the fear of the board scraping at my shins. But that's just me. I, just like mike, would never skate in my diesels. Just a beater...
Quote: Originally Posted by ZHH Canon's are superior. This man does not lie. For an entry-level DSLR, you can't go wrong with the Canon XTi. You'll absolutely love it. Everyone knocks the kit lens, but it is capable of taking great pictures when stopped down to about f/8.
WOWOWOWOWOWOW THOSE ARE DAMN NICE! anyone know if they're coming to Canada? if so, then when and where?
you get a 33% discount at the LV department inside Holt Renfrew if you're an employee there... not sure about anywhere else.
cool IMO. I've been after the diesel wallet chain for quite some time, and have been unsuccessful with finding one. I did however just pick up a substitute for now - a cheap one, but it still looks pretty badass nonetheless.
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