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I just got my first pair of Henleys today. I wouldn't wear anything flashier than these.
Good call, I was thinking the 87ms, and the tag actually says 1%.
So I just picked up this pair of Yarik 70zs off a friendly HM member, size 28x32. I've been buying and selling Diesels since the end of the summer when I started collecting (before I found HM and had a clue on sizing). Being a size 31 waist in most dress pants and still not having a full idea of 'fit' (my Zathan 31x32 'fit' until it stretched to like a 34), I've been continually sizing down in each new pair of Diesels. My last acquisition, my Zathan 60fs, are a 29x32,...
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder NEVER DRY CLEAN DENIM!!!!! Bad for them? Learn something new every day.
I don't wash them; I dry clean them every few weeks. I only hand wash them if I spill something on them that won't come out at the dry cleaners.
Joined. Nick -- Trinity College.
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyItsRobin my entourage loving friend told me that jerry ferrara died in real life. is this true? turtle is my favorite character! The inspiration for the character, Donnie Carroll, died last December. Jerry Ferrara, the Entourage character, is fine and living. I'm not sure anyone's as anxious as I am for new Entourage.
Great story!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saifz dumb question.. what is DDG? DDG stands for Diesel Denim Gallery; it's Diesel's flagship line consisting of limited-run jeans which usually have even greater detailing than normal Diesels...and as expected, they're quite pricey.
Quote: Originally Posted by pearlz ^And, if I hear zaf 796 is played out one more time I think I will do the same... Awesome pair...girls love them. Exactly, I get more comments from girls on my Zaf 796s than any other jean...
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