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best of luck!!! .
first of all, what size are u? those look AMAZING on u!!!!!!! love love them on u. love your legs too btw . not that much hemming needed huh? lucky!
wow, TR is seriously really branching out.
not a big fan. especially for that price.
dang. sweet deal. someone get them!!!!
congrats! especially with such an awesome price too .
hope u had a great birthday also .
damn it!!!! i missed out. that's my perfect inseam too
I've just got my facial done at a dermalogica salon today and i'm definitely planning to buy about 5 of their products and i can't pay retail for all 5. lol. i know some of u gurls are fan of this brand. anyone have good sellers to recommend? btw, just wondering, is their fakes dermalogica on ebay? thanks ladies!!!
those look very lovely on u .
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