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yeah- I honestly don't know. I am wondering if the person just purchased the item from me and then reported their credit card stolen or something like that, in the hopes of getting the item for free?... I'm not sure if that would even makes sense or would if that work. I wish paypal had given me the info on why they put a hold on the funds but they were pretty generic about the whole situation and would not give me the specifics of it.
I tried to stop the delivery of the item, but it was too late. The day after it was delivered paypal removed the negative balance on my account (I guess the seller protection kicked in?)... I haven't had any communication with the buyer and I am still in the dark as to what exactly happened, if an account was hijacked or if the actual buyer was trying to scam me, but I'm just glad that I didn't lose my items and the money. The rep on the phone that I talked to (before the...
thanks Kelly. I looked at the USPS site and saw some info on recalling a mail item. I'll call Monday morning and see if it's too late. I didn't even realize that this was possible.
hmmmm.... I shipped them out yesterday, so it shows that it already left their facility on the USPS website. It's probably too late. Do you think the ebay person's account may have gotten hijacked or the paypal account that paid me? I wouldn't mind getting my items back and not getting a refund, but I just want my items, or the money that was paid for it. Since I shipped to a confirmed address, and purchased shipping insurance, and got tracking (delivery confirmation...
So I had some jewelry for sale on ebay. The auctions ended with no bidders. The next day I get a message through ebay from someone with over 400 feedback and a 99.8% positive rate. They offered to buy the items from 2 of my auctions for the combined start price of both. I was cool with this, since I wanted to get rid of them. I asked the person if they want me to relist the items together with a bin. They said based on my feedback that they trust me so if I want to just...
good deals. So the sale items are the same price in the store if you can find them?
looks good.
thanks ladies! I refused to try straight leg jeans for a long time, but now I kind of like them.
I think the havana's are supposed to have a partially ripped off for all mankind tag on the back pocket, but inside tag and the 7 tag on the waistband definately look fake IMO.
LOL!!!! You guys crack me up. This is an awesome thread.
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