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First of all, I am not hyping. Just letting people interested in the Zathan 772 know they will be available with a 2008 production date and detailing similar to that of the '03-'04 era. Jeff is a friend of mine and I give him credit for the contacts he has developed. Anyone truly in the know, know that Diesel will make a special order based on senior management approval and a price with a minimum order... just like the Koffha J1J was made for them.
jskid, no offense as I have followed your posts and expertise for quite awhile, but these are special order cuts with a minimum order to get. Jeff and I have talked about others to be recut or even one of a kind washes in certain styles. So you would like to see a Thanaz in what wash?
I haven't posted here in awhile, but thought I would point out to all the Diesel fans out there that there is something big happening in the next couple days. Many of you have ordered from JJDenim, so you probably have spoke with Jeff. I have known him for a few years and met him when he was running a men's shop in Fort Myers. He is a great guy with a strong connection to Diesel. I just heard he will be receiving a special supply of the OLD Zathan 772, made only for...
Anyone have any additional information on these?
Does anyone know this wash or when they will be available? New True Religion Ad in this month’s Maxim magazine…
Thanks all. As mentioned, I was overly patient (but persistent) based on his prior deals on the Diesel board.
Since it has been 3 months, I don't think he could click refund. He sent me a payment directly. Agreed virus, Business 101!
I guess you can say it is resolved. He first sent payment of 105 euro ($134.38 USD) which I denied. Couple PMs back and forth and he sent 114 Euro total and charged me the PayPal fees??? I accepted $5 less net than I paid 3 months ago! I questioned, but he has not replied.
I just PM'd you. You sent me 105 euro ($134.38 USD) after 3 months? I paid $149.28 to you on 12/12/2006?
I will preface this saying, I have only been this patient because I have only been on this board since last fall and from what I have read, Rushdash had been a respected seller! This is rather lengthy, so I have condensed as much as possible! 12/5/06 Paid $175 via PayPal for Zathan 71J 12/12/06 Paid $149.28 via PayPal for Timmen 8BG 12/12/06 PM from Rushdash I'm going to ship both with International Package Plus today and was waiting for your...
New Posts  All Forums: