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Brand New Zatiny 8e7 size 31x34. Bought the from US for 2 weeks ago and im not a W31 in these jeans so im letting them go   price 120$ + 40$ shipping contains
Like new zatiny 8e7 in size 31x34. Only worn once and does not fit me.
Also intressted in trading my jeans and in that case looking for the following: safado and darron 8e7 size 31x34, safado 810n size 30 or 31 and L34, thavars in size 32x34 if the wash is stretch 31x34, safado 8l9 31x34   If you want pics ill send it to you   Zathan 772 30x34 2003 edition 249$ plus shipping like new   zathan 772 30x34 2005 249$ plus shipping like new   Diesel jeans zathan 70c w30 l34: like new price 119$ plus shipping   Diesel jeans...
I have 2 pairs of nudie low flare glenn...1 pair is in really good condition and 1 pair is patched on the crouth.   the good pairs im looking to get 99$ + shipping and the crotchpatched once i want 69$ + shipping   if intressted i will send you photos :)   cheers
http://img826.imageshack.us/img826/5726/rotuck.jpg   Ebay username: sublime.dub   Price including shipping is 229 us dollars!   Size is waist 30 and lenght 34   really good condition!   Shippingmetod is the swedish mailcompany Posten!   Cheers!
I have a bunch of zathan and only have 2 pair of zatiny...The older zatiny i have fits more like zathan and the zatiny 8c0 i really think is big compared to zathan and my firts zatinys. It looks like I have found a pair of zatinys 8e7 now in size 30x34 and how does they run in size.   Cheers
zatiny with out a doubt....i cant find them anywere :(
I want these but in sweden if ordering from diesel onlinestore they are 250 euros...that is alot for a pair of zathan :(
I talked with a guy who worked for DIESEL when I was on vacation in Italy.....He told me that Zathan is the most sucessfull cut ever in diesels history and that they have no plans at all to get rid of it...so i say it still got it...its a classic jeans cut that really dont look outdated.....i like x rotuck but that is on cut that can look outdated but imo and aperentley diesels there is still much life in zathan...However he said that bootcut vs skinny sells alot...
My bad no thanaz in your size there :( delete post :)
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