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Quote: Originally Posted by Evil Sushi man, don't use lack of fashion sense as an excuse to promote the stuff you're selling and tbh, zavor doesn't seem the most fashion forward cut by diesel what's wrong about saying that i'm selling a pair of jeans in the mall? it's not that I'm posting ebay links or something like that. zavor is a straight leg cut like viker. pretty timeless. i'm not saying what i'm recommending is fashion and what he's...
Quote: Originally Posted by qtj0ker1980 Diesel Koffha 8BK today don't take this personal, but these jeans look awful and the combination with those chucks make you look like a clown. honestforum is going down! if there is anybody with a bit of fashion sense left I highly recommend you to take a look at the Zavor 796 I'm selling in the mall. an absolutely rare pair and an outstanding wash. same cut as viker, but better backpockets. have a look!
Hello, I know we normally use Honest Mall to sell stuff, but I just wanted to ask if someone is interested in a black Diesel Luppy jacket size S BNWT. I willing to sell it for 300€ (435$).
don't like the fit. your ass looks huge man. try viker 71j instead, if can get your hands on them.
The Diesel Online Store only has one wash in my size. I'm looking for the Keever in size 29/32 or 30/32 in any wash.
would be nice if anybody can tell me! i would like to order soon!
can I get a refund for items that dont fit even if I use the 35% discount code in the diesel online store?
Quote: Originally Posted by J-Tran Need your weight and measurments man.. Height isn't really the most important factor. What size do you wear in diesel t-shirts, and other jackets? The luppy doesn't run THAT much smaller. It does fit slighty more snug but honestly not enough to warrant a whole size change in my opinion. Besides, leather jackets should have somewhat of a snug fit to look really clean. I can tell you that as it stands, a size small would...
Hey! I know there is an existing Luppy/Least thread, but nobody could really answer my question. I would like to buy a black Luppy Leather jacket, but I am unsure about which size to get. I am 5'10 and thin but not skinny. I tried on the new Least jacket in size M and it was slighty too big in general, while the sleeves were extremely long. Some people say that the Luppy runs smaller in the same size compared to the Least. Zodiac recommended me to size down to Small for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac Dozer, they all have extra long sleeves. I tried Least in M and I'm about 6'. 182cm. and it was pretty tight on me. So guessing from your sizes I'd go for small. for 2 reasons, if you buy M, i'm sure it will be too long in sleeves, and in torso. If you going for tight look, small or may be even extra small. Hey Zodiac! How is it going in Glasgow? Thanks for your quick answer. I agree with you that I need size S...
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