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thank youuu!
Rock and Republic @ blaec.com Does anyone know what wash they are, or how they run? Thanks in advance
hey ladies & gents has anyone has any experience or luck with stretching whiskey blue? I don't have any other 60/40 blends to compare it with...they are pretty tight. I wet stretched them a bit (didn't wear them too long), and I can do them up, but they are uncomfy in the waist. Am I out of luck? My bf bought them for me on the weekend at aritzia, however they were final sale, haha. If I can't stretch them, hopefully someone will want to trade...I love them!...
Quote: Originally Posted by rlee17 u got the one with the furry hood? yep...I didn't think I'd like it though, but it's detachable, so he can take it off if he hates it, haha. I just hope that it fits him!
I checked ssense religiously until they restocked the black polairs...got mine (for my boyfriend) today
oooh I like them
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma I'm in Calgary Alberta, the weather here is insanely odd. 2 (maybe 3 now?) years ago it snowed at the end of JUNE, it actually stuck to the ground and you had to go sweap your car off in the morning!!! Oh and Barbie, it's so hideous. Long coats with fur collars, sweat pants, and flip flops... It's barely cold enough that someone would need to wear one, but they are. Also Uggs are everywhere to be seen on my...
thank you so much, msdee!
My digi is out of commission I just picked these up today, and have never seen them before...there is a handmade tag attached to the Frankie tag that says Rustic, but I'm sure they aren't ;/ They are The closest match I can find are these Frankie B Downtown Starlett Jean At eModa.com 2007 The wash& hem are the same, but pockets are different...I'm really curious to find out what they are
I wish she shipped to Canada ;/ I would love those...hopefully someone from here gets them!
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