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Quote: Originally Posted by lazyhead Dang that is prob the best pull off of the thanaz 71j yet. Its f'in perfect, wish I had slim thighs and made it fit me like that. I agree and I think the shoes look awesome with these jeans. What are they?
Farco 70L (again) 31x32 pls
Yes, I bought from Stevie324 and received the jeans the next day so he is very quick at shipping the goods. Of course, I do live 70 miles from him (he is in Glasgow, Scotland). If you are in the US then you can expect to wait a little longer. With Royal Mail Airsure (which is very reasonable compared to USPS Express I might add) items have taken 5-7 working days to reach the US.
I'll echo addynicky's comment. This is a great idea since there are so many different fits across the diesel range. But you would also need to make sure that everyone is measuring at the same points on the jeans. eg waist lined up, not lined up, stretched, not stretched etc... Maybe, since it is your baby, you could set the standard on where the different measurements should be made. If you have a camera, take some pics of how the jeans should be measured. Cheers
http://cgi.ebay.com/Diesel-X-Rotuck-...QQcmdZViewItem NWOT X-Rotuck 796 32x32 with $100 BIN.....
Pearlz and Narciso Yes it was those hard to read numbers above the head I was referring to. Anyways, thanks for the replies guys.
Does this look like an authentic tag? There are no numbers 77 etc... above the Indian head and the microstitching tab extends beyond the edges of the tag..! But, I can see the letters Diesel on the microstitching. Is this something that Diesel have changed recently? Every other pair I own clearly has the "watermark" numbers above the head and the microstiching does not overlap the edge of the tag. Looking to sell these jeans and want to make sure that they are...
Just found this site, great work from all of you. First post so sorry if my pics get screwed up. Maybe too late on this one but... What do you think? Real X-Ros or not? The care tag looks kinds strange no model or wash number... But the Indian head label looks good.... Thanks guys
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