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It's kind of difficult to say without trying them on, but when I tried them on, the 8 was a bit too small, but the 9 was falling off. I'm normally a size 8, so 9 was out of the question for me. If you're between size (e.g. 8.5), I would opt for the larger size. If you're an even size, I would go with your normal size (e.g. 38 for a size .
Quote: Originally Posted by sevenheaven What Flynts are they? I don't know off the top of my head, but it's not one that's highly sought after. I'll get pictures later.
I have a pair of Flynts that unfortunately got a hole on the inner thigh (not quite a hole, per se - the fabric rubbed through, so it's more like distressed, I suppose). They can be patched, but I don't have the skill or time to do so, so I'm thinking about listing them on Ebay. However, I don't know what price to list them at. Other than the hole (approx. size of a quarter), there's minor distressing on the hems and they've been hemmed to about 31". Otherwise they're in...
I think they are (but don't quote me!). They look like an older style to me.
I'm looking to purchase another pair, but can't get both. Which one should I get? Also, how does each one run in terms of sizing?
I'm usually between a 26/27 - I heard that they run a size big?
"Flynt pant"? I've never seen that before.
TIA! 1. 2. 3. (The following are too large to post) Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 4.
I'm between a 26/27 (more on the 27 side), and I got a 26. It's a teeny weeny bit tight in the thighs for me, but waist fits fine. I think your normal size should fit fine.
^^ Yay, thank you!
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