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frye are the only boots worth buying. well worth the money.   to me diesel is to jeans as frye is to boots, I have no reason to buy any other brand.   i have a pair of black pull on jayden, a brown pair of jacksons (grippy tread for rainy days etc.) and I'm hoping to pick these up: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200521689044&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
shot in the dark here, but remember about a year ago these were everywhere you looked on ebay? well i wasn;t into safado then, and missed out.   I really want a pair (black/grey and in tan), and wondering if anyone knows who the seller was. they seemed to have a bunch of these in tan, and they were not really selling, wondering if i could find them via direct contact.
I don't know what these are, trying to sell 'em.   Joey?   http://www.denimblog.com/c/forum/thread/180889/all-reduced-by-20-viker-72d-zath-89j-tr-billy#post_1713783
I ended up selling these (totally regret it), but I've used the RIT dye for other stuff, works well.   I have so many pairs of blue jeans, dyed some of them grey just for the hell of it, my 70Z turned out kinda cool.
Melty looks like shit to me. Try Cherock, Louvely or maybe these: Diesel Online Store Women's KEES 008AA - Fall Winter - Diesel - Official Online Store
Cherock are a very flattering bootcut. they are very low rise and pretty cool. I reccomend 8AA, 8CT, 62S, 71J, 8RI and um... 89S, good luck finding that last one though. There are a bunch of 8FC on Ebay right now. i recommend those and True Religion Joey, or Cassidy if you wanna get crazy with it. I don't like YBO after seeing them in person, the flare starts like at the knee almost, they are more wide leg jeans, not really a bootcut.
I should add that Rokket has been my favorite straight/skinny cut so far for women. 8DK is highly recommended in those if you can find 'em
Look promising, some nice washes, any reports on the fit? I'm specifically referring to he fact that the consensus here was that Liv was not flattering on the rear for many women... wondering if that's been adressed with the updated cut. The cut looks a little different in that area. Clush's fit as badass but the pocket placement/shape/zippers was a little weird, + the zippers. Lowky is nice, but the shape of the pockets is a bit funky. Basically hoping for Cherock...
I've asked the seller for more pics. Ok, will use the other thread next time, thanks for the heads up + your quick response.
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