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happy birthday beast.
sizing depends on your figure. i have thick quads, so if i choose to wear safado in the same size as my viker, safado wraps around my knees giving me the dreaded knocked knee syndrome. i tend to size up from viker. viker in general seems to have bigger ass room, and knees down it isnt as slim as safado.
size up. i've had my safados 71js for a while, and there isnt much give in them at all which is weird, considering my zathan 71j did not stretch quite a bit.
^ndc bishops hollywood nero. Cutups 2nd boot, isnt NDC. i dont think so at least, although i'm not sure what it is.
that sucks. yoox initially had the first NDC you posted. try looking around both yoox and thecorner in the meantime.
Cutup, the small sizes on those did go almost immediately. i picked up these last week , with the extra 20% off. because they were tried on and some dust accumulated on the bottom of the boot, ssense gave me an extra 15% off. i just got them and they are pretty much new. couldn't say no to the price. now i have both brown and black of these, however the black is a much shinnier black and looks different than the brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by euro22 Thanks, I don't know why i totally ignored that second link lol. Is the site legit? it seems like it is, i've never ordered from them though but i think they are legit. however i'm sure you can find some info online of others ordering from them if you remain skeptic.
^well there is a 42.5 which should be btw 9.5-10 (although you should verify this), listed on the other site. leather will stretch out a bit as well. anyways just trying to help
^10.5 although im sure you can add an insole to if there is extra room in it. there actually darker than the pics posted on ssense. they look awesome nonetheless and are pretty versatile.
Quote: Originally Posted by flipcydesae Roadside hows the sizing in N.D.C? I wear a 41 in CP's the only CP's i tried on were the white slip-ons they made. in that case i would go with the 41 on the NDC's as well. although depending on how tight the cp's are you might be able to work with a 42 if you really want, since i dont think there are any 41's available.
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