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Thanks so much. I will try searching for the info. I was looking for & so appreciate you willingness for pms
I may be confused & don't get to check the forums regularly but where did the citizen forum go? Thanks! Sarah Kate
I missed out on the ones in the mall in a 28. Is ebay the best place to get them? Thanks! Sarah Kate
Thanks ladies. I got them. The hips match up...the waist seems a bit big so I'll just have them taken in there.
I really want to get the costello ice in the mall...the waist seems big but the hips seem to match...do these stretch out much? I've gotten jeans taken in in the waist before when the rest fit. Thanks for the feedback!
Rock & Republic Cosbie Whiskey Metal jeans...are these TTS? Thanks!
How do these fit? TTS?
I'm getting used to it. Getting used to change takes time. I think I am going to try it in firefox. There are many things I like but is does irk me that the choice of sections takes up a lot of room & I miss being able to ask a question because often someone else already asked the same one. I do think it would be helpful to have the mall tag a different color...red or something as it took a long time for me to find it Overall, I think people will like it in the future....
Thanks ladies...I reread item description & see they are ripped...never mind. Darn!
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