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So I can send your tracking number.
Wow thanks for the heads up! Which Last Call did you go to? Were the Flaming Hearts Validium or Quaalude?
I personally like Jaggers better, but I have Halite Kurts and the rise is definitely "safe." So if you're worried about the Jaggers being too low, get the Kurts. (But I think Jaggers look nicer.) Either way, have fun deciding!
Those are beautiful! I'm green with envy ha ha ha ha!
They look good on you, but be warned, they stretch out a lot! I have a pair of Silver Jaggers in my tts size and I wish I could have sized down.
That's so cool! She's one of my favorite designers. Her stuff is so girly, funky and sexy all at once.
I don't care, I still love tunics & babydolls. I'm ok with just knowing about my cool R&R pockets, even though people might not see them.
Great collection and the silver crystal crowns look gorgeous!
I love both, esp. the silver! I can't wait to see them w/crystals!!!
They look great, esp. the studded ones!
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