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Yes i like cute things. Yes, i probably want to add 10 billion more unessary charms to my phone.
i find it odd that she purchased vb crowns considering her and VB hate eachother. but other that that, i like her reality show.
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Matic 8ee http://images32.fotki.com/v1044/phot...07WAYWT-vi.jpg love the whole outfit, but the shoes are lovely.
^^Love SJP's bitten line, so cute and affordable i got these today.
Skull Linda's Sony Cybershot & 2 gig memory card SJP Bitten Project Runway dress and Vest Godiva and See's Chocolate Wetseal Jacket Cash Money Hand Made Scarf Lux Top
+1 for all the cute dog pics and dog lovers. i love dogs, i like cats too just not as much as dogs. anyways this is my pooch, ive posted her before but here she is again. sisters dog
wetseal has them for $5
thank you for the warm bday wishes kelly, jess, and bluesmiley =) mach999: my cam amazingly took that shot all i did was blur my surrounding. sadly i cant figure out how the cam took it. anyways 1 more photo. last nights outfit for mor continued celebrating.
ac421, jessicalm, and i luvshopin you guys look great as always. celebrating my 21st bday today. out for dinner and drinks. i hate dressing up.
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