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i just (an hour ago) picked up a pair of Aristocrat black skinnies. they're gorgeous, and i just found them on revolve on sale for $125 (with the JT code, they were $106.50... insane). the pocket design is very understated and i highly recommend them. jbrand is also another excellent choice.
no, revolve does not sell r&r
ohhh you're getting the skirt! i just ordered a pair of r&s bootcut in sterling from revolve yesterday. while i love the colored denim trend, i think it's just that, a trend... the sterling is much more versatile
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus IMO it's not too far different than FCUK or Juicy Couture's label name. well said. i think it's tongue-in-cheek and fun
retail is in the $180-$200 range. i tried on a bootcut pair today and the fit was amazing... tts i say. i def. think that r&s is one of the next big "it" brands, and its following will be similar to jbrand's. awesome jeans.
hey ladies... i just tried on a pair of R&S for the first time and love them. does anyone know if they have been faked? please check out the link below and let me know if this seems sketchy or like a great deal. thanx in advance!! eBay: Rich & Skinny Sterling Bootcut Jeans - Choose Your Size (item 150113616835 end time Apr-20-07 13:50:59 PDT)
fug and cheap looking
definitely r&r. i like the look of tr when its new, but the quality of their denim is awful... i bought a pair of dark vintage bobbys, and after washing them once, they shrunk up about 2 inches, the nice dark wash totally faded, and the thighs shrunk considerably. also, the horseshoe stitching on the back pockets is coming off. thats ridiculous, considering what i paid. i know that r&r has its quality issues, but luckily i havent had any rip
i have a pair of those lacoste flips with the plastic bag. LOVE THEM!!! i cant find the bag to photograph right now, but are these the shoes? if so, mine came in a clear cylindrical plastic bag with white piping around the edges and it zips around the top.
i love the wash. had to sell mine because i got too small for them
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