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50+ views and no one has any idea?
My Mulholland Drives faded like that as well. I just thought it was because I was washing them inside out and it was rubbing on all the other clothes, because my pair is definitely authentic. It hasn't happened to my LCs, Hidden Hills or Picos though! Strange.
LOL yeah I know they're real! Thank you though. Hopefully someone will have an idea.
I picked these up at Second Time Around for myself without trying them on, and neither fit. I want to eBay/HM them but don't know the names/washes. So...if anyone can help me, it would be much appreciated! Skirt - Jacket (I really love this but it's too tight to wear as a jacket, can't put anything under it) -
Sizes 24-30. I know you may be able to catch them for cheaper on eBay, but it's still $35 off retail so I thought I'd throw it out there. http://standardstyle.com/ProductDeta...CategoryId=894
This is where I get my non-eBay/HF finds - http://lunachicsnh.com/jeans/jeansindex.htm Let me know!
I bought mine at a local boutique, if you don't have any luck feel free to PM me and I'd be happy to pick them up for you.
Thank you!
Thanks! I'm wary now since I got screwed with my last pair.
I wash inside out in cold water and hang dry. If they're too stiff, I throw them in for about 2 minutes when I'm drying a load of towels.
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