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I don't think you'll ever find a cut close to Viker unless you get them altered. I've seen some awesome pairs of neils altered to a slim straightleg and the backpockets match up too since they are tiny
Quote: Originally Posted by bdog789 Watch for the announcement at TheZathan772.com tonight or tomorrow! LOL, I love jjdenim and all, but that video intro is lame!
I think the point of re-issuing them for jjdenim might be that since they are (supposedly) selling high volumes of Diesel jeans, and they sold out all of their stock of 772's they had a few months back, its a good place to test out how re-issued denim will do, especially since they are one of the only online shops to send internationally. I'm not positive, but I assume that a majority of consumers don't frequent this board and wouldn't know that they could pick them up...
Haha, I was about to call you crazy, but that makes more sense
Wow thats a long drive... Is that cheaper than flying?
ya worn pics plz...sweet wash :]
Quote: Originally Posted by xr4ti 100%Auth DIESEL Zathan Art 80Y Lab 325 Rare JEANS Sz 34 - eBay (item 290223037828 end time Apr-22-08 14:54:11 PDT) Authentic? The color seems off to me so i am not sure. Thanks in advance. Looks good to me, albeit a bit washed out
We booked the Silversmith on SouthWashburn last night. About 6 blocks away on the map from Grant Park. Travelodge was completely sold out... I thought being close to the lake would make it a bit breezy, but oh well, we'll still have fun
Radiohead, NIN, RATM, Black Keys, Broken Social Scene, S Jones & the Dap Kings, Kanye Already got our tix! Wheres the best place to stay and best places to shop? And wuts the weather like in August over there?
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