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Yeah, neg feedback sucks especially if its not your fault but there's not much else we can do but suck it up. Some buyers are so rediculous... I just had a girl from CA message me 6 weeks after she won an item of mine asking her if she could still pay the invoice for the jeans even though she got a non-paying bidder strike and I got my fees back. Lol, she didn't even want to pay right away, but next week
you can probably get them taken in. I sized down 1 and waist was good but thighs were abnormally large
they fit large
I liked it, but I wasn't a big fan of the backpocket. I like the original more simple stitching and design. I actually like a lot of the Euro released ones though :[
actually i think the $600 jean is a viker
wtf...way to ruin a great wash :/ which season is gonna bring a good timmen wash to the US?? S/S 2012
Henlee and Floyd are the most similar. I'm a 27 in zathans and a 29 in TTS fit R&R's.
its as fitted as all G-star jackets are, but I returned mine because I didn't like the white stripe down the arm
Floyd Attica runs .5 - 1x small and the oxycotins run .5 big so they will probably be huge on you :/
Quote: Originally Posted by marty123 Floyds would tighter in the thighs no doubt. Unless the Henlees are BNWT most likely they came with a 33+ inseam and were hemmed to 32 so I don't think the difference is that big. Plus every pair of R&R's are slightly different in terms of fading so pics would be needed to decide. actually the friction wash comes in a 32 length inseam just as the newer stoneys do. The tags show that they are originally 32" and...
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