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Ive got the same jacket in black. its pretty nice and retails for over $600 I believe
Let me know how it goes, those look nice!
Yeah, neg feedback sucks especially if its not your fault but there's not much else we can do but suck it up. Some buyers are so rediculous... I just had a girl from CA message me 6 weeks after she won an item of mine asking her if she could still pay the invoice for the jeans even though she got a non-paying bidder strike and I got my fees back. Lol, she didn't even want to pay right away, but next week
you can probably get them taken in. I sized down 1 and waist was good but thighs were abnormally large
they fit large
I liked it, but I wasn't a big fan of the backpocket. I like the original more simple stitching and design. I actually like a lot of the Euro released ones though :[
actually i think the $600 jean is a viker
wtf...way to ruin a great wash :/ which season is gonna bring a good timmen wash to the US?? S/S 2012
Henlee and Floyd are the most similar. I'm a 27 in zathans and a 29 in TTS fit R&R's.
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