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Someone find me a 27 or 28 too
DIESEL Women - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX What wash? Almost looks like 86C?
wow timmen 8LG, please tell me there are no rivets...
One of my favorite pairs of timmens is 89Z which might be a shade or two darker than 8BK, but I still consider it a medium wash. I personally didn't like 8BK but I've seen the pairs that came out when it was first released in 07 and they look the same (from the ones I've seen, but again this could vary from pair to pair) as the 08 pairs I've seen. 8GI is a pretty light color, but it does have the rivets/studs all over it that I can't get over...
My Timmen's are pretty fitted all over, moreso than my safado's. Definitely tighter than viker as opposed to what was said above
If safado is too tite for you I don't think you'd like Timmen either
I'd say 784 is one of more dark that medium, but still probably the best pair of koffhas out there
Ive got the same jacket in black. its pretty nice and retails for over $600 I believe
Let me know how it goes, those look nice!
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