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Thanks lazy...I bet u bought up all the smalls huh?
I'm waiting for my 71J's to arrive from ssense, ordered them last Sunday, but I hope theyre not that light! They actually changed the picture from when I ordered them too, weird...
Are there any reputable stores online that sell g-star?
Quote: Originally Posted by addynicky Cool, I would love to see it. I got a G-Star jacket for the winter already and really like their stuff I want to see your guys' g-star jackets! Are you getting them from ebay? I can't find any other shop online that sell g-star stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by vincevtec I also ordered a pair of 8BE Sunday afternoon and they were waiting for me when I got home this afternoon. Miami --> Atlanta... Not bad. After reading all your experiences I wasn't expecting them till the end of the week or so. Only complaint is they smell like old Asian folks!!! I definitely need to wash them before wearing... Anyone elses jeans from ID smell funky as well!?!? LOL, nah mine smelled...
Yup, ID is coo by me. Ordered late Sunday night and got it delivered early this afternoon. Miami to Seattle in 2 days is damn fast!
Update: Wow that was fast! I ordered late Sunday night and got them early this afternoon. I'm a happy customer
ID shipped my items out the very next day and got back to me with the tracking numbers the day after. All this without pushing him at all, so I'm pretty happy with the service
Nobody has tried buying from them?
I bought two jeans from him the other night and he responded to my email the very next day. I asked him for a tracking number two days later and he sent them to me and are being delivered via DHL. Theyre totally on their game right now so I wouldn't hesitate, especially at the prices they have their jeans at...
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