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I bought two jeans from him the other night and he responded to my email the very next day. I asked him for a tracking number two days later and he sent them to me and are being delivered via DHL. Theyre totally on their game right now so I wouldn't hesitate, especially at the prices they have their jeans at...
I can't tell if it's legit or not and I am desperately trying to find my girl a pair of Hudson's with some nice buttflap pockets. Anyone buy anything from them or know where I can find some Hudson's in a size 24?? thanks, EJ
I like 89z better. Would have kept mine, but it was too big...size down!
Well I just paid for the last pair and No he doesnt combine on shipping Oh well, 150 each is a steal so im not gonna complain!
They were 139.99 plus 10 for shipping. Funny thing is I was at the Diesel store downtown last night and would have bought them full price if they had my size there. Guess not so funny to you though...sorry!
Anyone know if he combines shipping? I just bought two jeans from him tonight and am waiting for him to respond to my email about combined shipping before I pay for the last. I got the Zathan 8BE and a Koffha 784 both without flaws in 27x30 if anyone cares
Dang he must have a lot of 710's since I got one from him too
Hey darkarmour, maybe you can post some "before & after" pics. I saw your 'before' pic but I'm curious as to how they look and fit now. Do they fit better? Are they looser?
Yo somethinfierce, where you from? Haven't listened to house in years, but its good to know Miguel Migs is still around. I got a bunch of his records off the Naked label...kinda missin that SF sound (Sorry this is off topic, lol)
Quote: Originally Posted by kevrocks ^^ Scroll up and the different types of hems are described. Exactly...he's calling it a eurohem, but what he's describing is an original hem job. Just wondering which is which
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