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  What's his ebay id?  Let us know so we can block him
That blue wash is 73N
  These are an older pair which is why there is no tag on the inner waistband and why there is no italian flag stitched colors on the outer rear waistband.  Inseam length is rarely the exact size on the tagged inseam -- It's usually anywhere between 0.5 - 1.5 inches longer if anything.   They are authentic
Got them for a member, but didn't take pics before I shipped them.  They are definitely sexy in person!  Don't sleep!  
He's actually the guy who I pm'd you about before. Never knew he was so infamous... But I did get my denim after 2 weeks though...
Timmen 8YM 28 x 32 or any length!!!
Oh man, Chi > Tampa by far. Don't go!
True to size in my opinion
Hmm almost looks like 60F. Seems like a decent everyday pair...
Quote: Originally Posted by Darnoc Fake, me thinks^ unless there was some recent re-release of zaf 796 with the new tags and the white waist label. Even the re-releases of zathan 772 didnt have those though Actually both the newer Zaf 796 and Zathan 772 models did have the newer belt looped tags and inner white label waist tags...
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