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The best thing you can do is link him to this thread or any other designer denim forum and have third parties help authenticate it for you.
  Definitely authentic.  Same details as the one I'm selling, minus the creases, but yours are used.
Indian head tag is strange, but I have seen that one other time.  All the other details are perfect imo.
that Thavar 806P is real
Both are real
Thanks everyone! I appreciate the responses. Hopefully that will satisfy my buyer.
Can some users help authenticate these jeans?  Buyer doesn't think they are real because of the factory error where the tag lengths don't match.  However, all other details seem to be legit.  Thavar 803U 28x32                
Sent you a pm
All TR are a standard inseam of 34.  There is no 30 length.   Also, I only have waist size 28
What size are you looking for?
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