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Hey, im really new to 7FAMs (as well as the forum), and I was just wondering what the fit of 7fams was like, say, compared to the stack of buffalo jeans i own. I wear 34x32s in most buffalos and H&M (which is what i mostly own), so I have no relative idea.. From what i'm told, sevens are much softer as well as tighter? To be honest, im really confused...lol... Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Hatim
I'm not sure if this is already on here, I haven't checked, but http://www.tongkong.com is a major wholeseller/distrubutor of fakes in Eastern Asia. It is a great place to check for what new fakes have been released so you have an idea of what NOT to look for. I warn you now, it is quite shocking to find so many... I get pissed everytime i go here...
eBay seller rocker_room claiming to sell authentic Replay jeans. Seem okay, but not too sure. Any ideas?
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