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Quote: Originally Posted by Rushdash Hehe, thx Jan~ I just checked the official site of Peek&Cloppenburg, but they have too many department stores in Germany. Dunno which one to call... Try it in Düsseldorf !!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Jan Timmen 88S in size 30x32 are currently sold out at Diesel stores in Germany, but there's a good chance that other stores still have them. So if there's anyone from bigger cities in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich) they might be able to find them. BTW I just shipped your pair. Try it in Düsseldorf !!!
Quote: Originally Posted by jh2240 oh you guys are right, its 84h not 83h. anyone seen them in person? i've seen them only one or two other times on ebay and they didn't look special first time i saw these were sometime in oct/nov of 2005 on ebay, and they were damaged. so i assumed they were from an older season. didn't think they were from ss06 from summer 2005
Quote: Originally Posted by jh2240 were they really a sample from fashion week in milan? maybe from 2004? you don't have to lie to us to ask for the wash, this is a diesel forum, not ebay... btw, i agree with ben based on that backpocket color i know this but for a better sell i need the wash. AND: Jeans is from the Miland Fashion Weeks from 2005 not 2004
Quote: Originally Posted by ilikeskeletons it's the 84H big thhanks to ilikeskeletons
Quote: Originally Posted by nonsisa Einfach nur geil! so isset ... nur wo sind die bei uns
Here the pics ....
Quote: Originally Posted by 130_R will you be gracing us with more of your spamtastic ways? you don't like my stuff or my way ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rushdash DDD PM me if you can get Zathan 764 or 784 in size 30x32. i check this
Quote: Originally Posted by BeyondHypothermia And apparently Zathan 60F is rarer than DDG! Sorry
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