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I'm always the bigger one in the relationship and to be honest, sometimes it makes me really insecure although I'm usually pretty content with the way I look. Many arguments have started with "Why are you with me? I'm so fat! Why don't you go out with ______(insert skinny girl's name here)____"?? Clothes shopping can get a bit awkward and especially "naked-time" but meh, there's nothing candle-light, bustiers & lots of alcohol can't fix right? I agree with what others...
^ I have bought Lacoste polos from Neiman Marcus, Adasa and Rafael Hawaii before and most times they came in a clear cello bag. The real bags have white crocs printed on them but of course, you need to consider all aspects ie. how the shirt is cut, MOP buttons, croc stitching etc. I've seen lots of fakes coming in cello bags with green and silver crocs, so watch out for those (especially silver as it doesn't photograph well).
^ lol I'm actually considering that! JK (sorta..)! I will refund his PP payment and ask for him to send it again with a confirmed address or thru a friend's Google Checkout. Let's see how this goes.
Well, he did refund me but only for what I paid + PP fees. He still wants the wallet shipped back to him (to an unconfirmed address) but express intl. courier is the only trackable option and that's over $40AUD. Should I demand that he reimburse me for trackable shipping, or refund his Paypal payment and get him to send money something like Western Union so he can't do a chargeback on me?
Real IMO - Buttons seem to be the right size & colour (dark MOP for dark-ish polos) & croc stitching looks good. Fakes usually have messily stitched, fat crocs with no teeth. You might want to ask for a photo of the Devanlay tag to be sure.
I've given tnn79 until the end of this week to refund me but I haven't heard from him since my last email from the other night. Will let you guys know if anything new happens.
Me too! crunkychoc@gmail.com -- thanks!
JudyNJacob just listed a few pairs in other sizes, maybe ask them if they have more sz 28?
Nvm, someone bidded!
Fake IMO - alligator placement is too high (should be below bottom button), and buttons are plastic looking & wrong colour (should be mother of pearl, dark greyish colour).
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