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Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder start picking up the shit and putting it on the owner's doorstep. Quote: Originally Posted by ross Beat me to it! better yet, fling the shit on to his house! or collect a bunch of the specimens using a bag, then flip them back out to spell fuck you on his doorstep
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke I've been to one of the two in LA. It's not cheap but we're used to it around here. Sushi for two people is always around 50 bucks. Not too bad, IMO. not shitting you or anything and each person to their own, but ive tried trendy sushi and traditional sushi. In my experiences, trendy sushi isn't the cheapest, nor is it the freshest. It's too fusiony and the flavors get confused and... well i just think the...
nice looking sushi. whered you eat? damn.. i was on the bottom of the last page. head back if you want to see reviews on Thomas Keller's BOUCHON and AD HOC!
Whoaa this is old. but i wanted to brag since i just got back from napa No... didn't get to go to The French Laundry, but I did go to Bouchon, and Ad Hoc, both great restaurants owned by Thomas Keller. Both excellent restaurants, and reasonably priced. They could possibly change your perception of food, as they intend to. Yea I know I didn't eat both these restaurants in a day, but too bad. At Bouchon: First Course - French Onion Soup This soup was wonderful...
perhaps that pic is photoshopped? what happened to the rest of the biker on the left?
As for coverage I understand that this is a time for unrecognized sports to get their '15 seconds of fame,' and yes, basketball already receives tons of coverage outside, but then again I don't think that they're asking for more. It just so happens that people want to see more basketball so more basketball is shown. If you took away all the commercials, ads, and broadcasts for the basketball team, they'd still play to win gold. Not to win TV time.
Quote: Originally Posted by SONICVOODOO I probably have the least interest in basketball. I don't identify watching pampered millionaires as the true Olympic spirit. Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis luckily the olympics are international events. only in america are basketball players "pampered millionaires" European basketball players are becoming pampered millionaires as we speak, if you have been keeping up with nba...
lol well if that's sarcastic that's not how i intended it. but you can gradually work your way toward it at the gym or something.
Quote: Originally Posted by bennyy ^ oh that is too cute i copy you...sorta i was bored at home and decided to mock you! evan, no offense, just a thought;i just realized that if you got broader shoulders your clothes would fit you a little cleaner and your proportions would fit a lot better. maybe that's why some people think your thighs are fat, cause your shoulders are too narrow?
more girls less talk less clothes = more happy
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