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live in Oakland. definitely not walnut creek - although the location of my super exciting birth, walnut creek is hella boring. Oakland was the hip destination when I was a youngster at Cal - Oakland is awesome. Berkeley and SF are over-rated.
that's so crazy!
You are awesome! I just found a monitor on the local craigslist for 20 Euros so hopefully it will work. No, this is my husband's 4 year old Toshiba Satellite that we are trying to make last a little longer (at least until we get back to the states). To have it repaired here means waiting two weeks (or more) on the parts from the US and hundreds of dollars. If we can get the external monitor to work then I will cry. We will probably get divorced if he tries to make...
thanks. I am tempted to buy a cheap monitor here. I have been wanting one to do the double screen thing anyway. I just wasn't sure that I could set it up without being able to see anything.
Alright all - I need some quick and expert (or kind of expert) opinions on what the heck to do. My laptop screen broke - I think the blacklight is burnt out. Now, I was going to buy a new laptop anyway, but I was waiting until after my trip to Paris. So currently I am in Paris - I've been here for 4 weeks and will be here for 5 more - and now the old thing isn't working. I don't want to buy a new one here. So should I try and get it fixed (and where??), should I buy a...
yeah, it's a little rough with IE. I just posted my first mall items and it was so easy to use - much improved from before!
I really love the blog and the site looks great (despite my resistance to change)!!
I sometimes think crazy thanksgivings are the best - they're full of character and you'll always remember them! PS: making a pumpkin pie from an actual pumpkin is totally worth it once you figure out how to do it! That's the only way I do it - my six year old was shocked that people actually buy pumpkin in a can!
bootcamp is free - you just have to have the microsoft XP platform to install so that you have some operating system there. I almost threw my brand new macbook out the window when I was trying to make the the XP disk with service pack 2 from my original XP disk! It was a pain!
New Posts  All Forums: