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digg those trs, i have em toO!
Quote: Originally Posted by bottledregrets Hey Vince, when are you, me and Pedo meeting up at Lenox!? i know! i havent heard anything about the new store in ATL, how is it? I wouldnt mind making the drive up to ATL, just let me know guys!
the pics arent loading
i actually dig the zathans, bad pockets and all...
omg what kind of fuggery...those are pretty hideous. and i always thought my diesel strip cap was ironically tacky..but this, just tacky.
love the gueno shoes but hate the high heel look it gives, does anyone know the heel height measurement?
i think the jeans themself look good on you..surprisingly i wear the same size in these (32x32) but ended up getting a 30x32 in the 61e. however i have noticed a lot of people 'dressing up' these jeans for some reason...i think the shoe/shirt combo does a disservice to them and doesnt look good imo. which is a shame because the fit is pretty good
this is really a sick jean, went to the diesel shop last weekend and was expecting to get safado 71j or something but the detailing and wash won me over instantly. for comparison i found the safado 71J fit me perfectly in a 32x32..and i ended up getting 61E in a 30x32..so definitely size down. The SA that helped me also mentioned that these stretch 'like crazy' so sizing down is the way to go..
oh my word
may i suggest a pic with no shirt..that might change my opinion of these
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