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sometimes i wish i lived in a cooler climate. i would have more clothing options (lol) i havent had to wear a jacket/scarf all winter... cool scarf
Quote: Originally Posted by bottledregrets Man, everyone was hugging the balls of the 88s when they first came out. ha, trueness.. i was always on the fence about them. i kind of like them though for there OTT-ness, regardless of the general 'hate' of them.
diggin the addicts look does vince post in here any more? my idol from back in the day
Quote: Originally Posted by roadside_attraction pedo you look great man! whats the choice of footwear? StyleLab boots (boris?) from yoox!
8dk, 8ih, 61E (still pine over the 71js for some reason)
man, safado 8dk is hot. i really wish i would have picked them up. Does anyone know if they are still in stores? sizing compared to 61E?
i wonder if jskidder can see who negs him... people are afraid of the truth (note: people = me...dont be mean to me!)
ahh, fucking ace. I have nothing positive to add to this thread other than : "OMG I love them. I WANT THEM NOW!!" /end freakout
dig the boots, i am still bewildered at the high stacked heels a lot of stuff has though. i secretly hate being over 6 feet...
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