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the pics make my neck hurt! i dont think these look very good on you actually. Maybe it is the pairing of them with the shoes (doesnt compliment the jeans at all). For some reason i feel like u would look 10x better in a viker 71j (+other shoes).
3.1 philip lim fabergé bag..get it
fake a bad fake of thanaz 71j
the whole 'premium denim' market is in trouble right now, isnt it? the bubble has burst and im kind of glad. When that great wall of china seven for all mankind stuff broke we all should have took it as a warning.
hot, now worn pics! cant fit into thanaz and i am constantly jealous of those who can.. consider youself on my list lincoln park
im pretty sure that i mentioned that some people DO dress based on what they want others to think of them (logos = status) and i am not accusing you of creating any rules (i dont even know you). when i said 'people' i meant in the more general sense of people making edicts of what is acceptable and not. I give opinions like everyone else but I dont find it incredulous that someone wear something THEY might think is appealing to them (or their friends for that...
dont know anything about the stretch but i thinkt hey fit you alright...the shoes however, i know u did not ask this but way too bulbous/chunky...i think the overall fit/look would be better with a slimmer shoe/sole and maybe one that had less colours.
71j is the 'best' but i dont love the fit for your body type..maybe its because they are kidn of high. maybe its because im jealous because i really want both safado 71j and 8dk. 8fb looks the worst in my opinion..the color fading/ size combo accentuates your hips/thighs and give you a carrot leg effect. entao, go with the 32!
why are people so insistent on creating 'rules' of fashion for other people to live by? simple answer? people should (can) wear as many diesel items as they want. Some people do think logo = status, others genuinely like the clothes and it may just be a coincidence that most of the items worn might be diesel (especially in a forum dedicated to the brand/jeans). Some people on the forum wear various brands (ed hardy tee, rock and republic jeans, nason shoes) and still...
New Posts  All Forums: