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good looking vikerz, makes me actually consider them
i went to tampa last weekend (picke dup safado 71j and 8ih) and met the infamous anthony. cool dude and actually really helpful. would definitely recommend calling ahead as well.
ugh, i love and want these so bad
returning it this weekend to the tampa shop anhthanhh1 sorry bud.
skidders right again. got them this evening..tight as f^ck and could barely get the top button buttoned(after a bit of pulling). kind of undecided as there are no more 31s in the system...kind of hoping they stretch too...
got the 8aa in 30 last wed.. even though i paid for 2 day deivery i still dont have em!!! will update when/if i get em
wow, i dig all of them and like that u dont have them tooooo tight. safados are my next purchase. also good to see an upper body (muscular) balancing out the trouleg/zatiny
thanks for all the replies! now im a bit more confused though
so here is the deal, im a 30x32 in safado 61e and a 32x32 in safado 71j... looking to get 8dk (or 8aa) and am trying to figure out what size i should order in them.. any comments/opinions/ thoughts? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Levislad Can I just ask why people are taking offense at my pix? Yes I am gay if that is what people are suggesting but all I am doing is posting pix because I thought we all had a common interest...what Diesel jeans we are wearing! I love my Diesels like all of you and I wanna share my passion as you all do! Gay or straight we all love our Diesels! Am I right? i think you are turning people on and they are...
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