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just got it last saturday and i love it...it is just very cool.. thats all i got
omg, wtf is up with all the horrible shoes today. no offense to anyones taste but these are horrible im my opiniona nd wouldnt flatter anyone..at all
Quote: Originally Posted by hockeypuck they are the kafu model pretty you can find them at nordstrom rack for like 30$ but god bless the soul who buys these... lmao
can someone give me a cliffs not version? danke!
so i ordered these this weekend in a size 32x32....my safado size is all over the map (30 in 61e, 31 in 8ih, 32 in 71j) so i have no clue if the 32 8dk will fit me.... +1 on the fit to the hijacker
all fugz.. i *do* like the lace on though... /embarrassed
please rethink the shoes. not all sneakers are created equal and are those even technically sneakers? I agree that u could size down also, the thing is while they may be tight initially they will loosen and form to fit your body. I think when jeans are bought too loose initially they have that 'sack' effect where your extremeties look like they are swimming in them. my .02
joemama, where did u get those?
um, u guys need to call and check for availability if interested...and then let me know if u want them/pay me. (407) 239-6267
im in orlando and work about 10 minutes from the outlet if anyone needs anything...
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