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i really dig these jeans, even though they are like tights on me at this point. i wear a 30 w in these and a 33 in safado 71j so..go fig. size down 1 at the minimum.
does anyone have any current yoox codes?
i kind of imagine the employee saying this "Skinny is out" nonsense in german accented english.. thats allt he contribution i have to this...
I'm about 6'1 w/ muscular legs as well and safado fits me pretty nicely. Especially the stretch washes.
from wwd: HEDI-NG OVER?: There's yet more buzz about the future of former Dior Homme creative director Hedi Slimane. Rumors of his dramatic return to the LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton family after talks with chairman Bernard Arnault, or of an undefined collaboration with Diesel's Renzo Rosso, surfaced in December. Now, it seems, Diesel may be preparing to launch a Red Collection to be designed by Slimane. Although Diesel's Milan headquarters could not be reached for...
yeah, they run small. i am a 31-32-33 in jeans and got a large in that gun speedo last month. Also, Diesel seems to have granted accounts to a lot of retailers for their swim/underwear range so i would definitely check online for other retailers. The official shop doesnt carry the full range and the ones they do havent arent that nice imo...
the french shop adventice (adventice.com) They have them in black too but i feel like the material looks (even) cheap (er) in black.
ok, i just picked up these energie high tops last week and I love them..basically no branding at all (lame little 'e' i could do without....but whatever). Yes, they are a bit of a ripoff of the ysls and yes made in china and might not be the best quality BUT they are indeed sleek and cool (imo) with a bit of modern styling and basically no horrific logos. They were 30% off last week too, under a hundred US i think..back to original price but I would def. recommend these...
viva la belly shirt!
my 8dk came today from yoox was a sample too
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