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ahh i love getting my eyebrows threaded...but i only thread once a month (my eyebrow hair grows back slow) my eyebrows turn out 10x nicer than being waxed simply because they can shape it better and like evelyn mentioned it gets the hair better
it happens to me a lot. i bought these cute aldo slingbacks last year & they fall off all the time so now i just don't bother with the backs. i leave them as is
vitamin e oil works!!
I was watching inside edition one day & this came up Inside Edition - Best Time to Do Anything hope it helps
try tigi oatmeal & honey or tigi curls rock
sorta.. i'm starting to develop lines under my eyes =(
i was leaning more towards a facial firming serum?
any recommendations on getting a flawless face look???
first of all friends especially bestfriends should not even be close to thinking about dating your ex..if they are they weren't true friends to begin with =)
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