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Classic! Diesel Farco 82M 27x31.5 RARE 27 zathan thanaz viker - eBay (item 270429226685 end time Jul-28-09 14:52:54 PDT)
I have tried on over 40 different washes in Zathan, owned about 20 - and the tightest ive come across is the 770.
Ive had mine a while and they have hardly stretched at all, maybe half a size.
You cant go wrong with either, however, since "bagginess" is a concern for you go with Timmen. If you want Viker take Ryan's advice and size down 1. Great jeans btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by frankfaster84 What size are you? Why don´t you pick them up at Yoox.com? I did so a few months ago. Until then I was on a hunt just like you =) But if you do so: Buy two pairs and sent one back! At first I did not do so and received a pretty bad pair with too much contrast. And don´t forget to size down on those by the way... DIESEL Für Ihn - Denim - Jeanshosen DIESEL auf YOOX All-time classic! Dont ship...
Safado 8aa is pretty much the only jeans I wear now. Love the way they fit and they look great dressed up. Would love to get my hands on a pair of Safado 8ih.
Quote: Originally Posted by robness size 34 zathan jackpot eBay Seller: cherrycolacherry: Clothing, Shoes Accessories items on eBay.com Thats me. Hopefully I make a few sales.
Size down one in Larkee to get a similar fit in Viker for ur regular size.
Viker sux now with the washes its available in. 8ie is the best of the current season.
They look like Viker 8IL
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