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Water, Chinese soymilk, earl grey tea, Snapple diet peach tea, chai tea, peppermint tea, Thai tea, and various other teas haha White Russian, Andre pink champagne, jungle juice (sometimes +beer), Rosé wine
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus Honestly, I think college/uni life is what you make of it. You gotta get out there and make an effort to be social in order to have any life on campus. Totally agree. I was in the same boat as you in the beginning (I'm a first-year too)...I only had party friends, who are also my suitemates and roommate. I've been trying to venture out of my suite because they were the only people I would hang out with on the...
I never got the chance to buy a pair because the website I planned to buy from ran out of stock so quickly. But I did talk to their CS, who recommended me to buy a 7 since they run slimmer at the calves--esp if you want to tuck in jeans.
I love DiorShow, but I cannot handle the price, $24 [college student with no job ) I recently bought Too Faced's Lash Injection, which I really like..same effects as DiorShow, but cheaper!
My friend is always raving about BioSilk. it gets kinda pricey, but I've seen it at Costco before My ends sometimes get dry, so I just rub some jojoba oil onto it, which you can find at Trader Joe's or other health food stores.
I haven't gone anywhere this summer yet..I'm going to Lake Louise next week, but I have been going to the beach a lot. Here are some pics: Long Beach Corona Del Mar Balboa Laguna skinny palm trees
Quote: Originally Posted by jennifer10 i LOVE that top. where can i get it? Anthropologie
last weekend: closer look at the bling: for a wedding reception: and today:
Anyone know how Zooey's tees run?
I just got a sample of Dior's Miss Dior Cherie, and it's my current favorite.
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