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while we're unbanning people, is it possible to put in a request for a change-o-name, please? If so, how?
Quote: Originally Posted by ross There isn't anything wrong with it! That's what distinguishes it...it's a crowd-soother. Play it at any party, or on any long drive, or anywhere you want the atmosphere to be relaxed...and it will work. I love it, but when I want to have the hairs on the back of my neck stand up I will listen to something else. If you don't already know Thievery Corp you should check them out... ha, I'm going to see thievery...
I'm a 24 [rarely a 25 nowadays... thank god... see my thread on gaining weight...] and my ssks are 25 and they fit snug, but not overly tight [again, see my fatness thread]. I had a pair of 26s which I traded that fit comfortably, but were pretty loose in the leg... not conducive to good honeycombing, etc. IMO, size up 1 or you'll be wasting time/money.
I'm a 24/25 and I got 25s.... anddddd you cannot gain ANY weight if you're going to get your regular size or you won't fit into them anymore.
^blm knows his shit, just do everything he said also: 1. for working out: Dolphin Fitness locations check that place out, they have a free-week cupon that you can print out and use; the gyms tend to be on the small size, but if you're just looking to lift and do some light cardio, this is a good place. I'm seeing that all of their locations are off the island except for 2 in the les.... seriously just google fitness clubs in the city. Chances are, they will offer you...
I prefer my men in double breasted coats...
I don't think they look all that tight... when I first got my ssks they completely flattened out my butt and... you appear to still have one. I want a pair of black ones nowwww
You ladies must have had SO much fun, i wish I could have been there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^hahahahahahhahahahahahaha don't the jims have a higher rise? I agree with blm, they will stretch out, don't bother sizing up or you will regret it in a month or so
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