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Anyone able to explain to me why I have never seen a pair of those brown/tan Zathan 674's for sale on Ebay with a waist smaller than 33? I see a ton of them larger, but none my size. I wanted a pair in 31 x 34. Just wondered. Also I am still looking to sell or make trades for my Zathan 772, 764, and 784 all 32 x 34 for any Zathans 31 x 34.
God I hope your kiddin, cause my waist is a 30/31 and my buddies is 33.
Ya I get the feeling it's going to be an hour and half from Lansing to Detroit for a store the size of my bedroom
Hey me and a bubby are going to head to Detroit to the Dearborn mall where there is a Diesel store. Anybody been? I ahave been to Diesels in NY and Chicago, but not Detroit. I am assuming it will be alot smaller.
Thanks for the look, but I have some 262's simular to those. I think I might be acting to picky, but I really want some 86T's.
I like them, but I am looking for something not as dark, I have quite abit of dark denim already, thx though
got a pic or a link? I haven't seen that wash yet.
well I am pretty skinny dude, I am 6'1 with shoes on about 155, so I like them tight. At least in the seat, the legs I like a nice straight leg with a little flare, nothing tight at the ankle. I've been in a few diesel stores, NY and Chicago, and the Zathan is easily the best fit on me, Zaf's are a little to loose in the seat for me. So 31 x 34 Zathan appears to be the charm, I actually have several pairs of 32 x 34, new 772's, old 772's, 325's, 330's, and 262's. But all...
Hey everybody I am new to the forum, but have been a pretty die hard Diesel fan since I picked up my first pair in 2002. A pair of Ravix with the 353 lab. I have been looking to get a few more pairs of jeans since I ran my Zathan 772's into the ground. I had a pair of the originals that fit tighter at a 32 x 34 than they do now. I replaced them with some of the 2006 772's but was disapointed with the fit. It turns out I am 31 waist in Diesels now adays. So can anybody...
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